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“Dreaming City” Shipping Now!!!
posted 8 November 2019 by Admin
LEX REX Remastered Is Shipping Now!
posted 24 April 2019 by Admin
CHRONOMONAUT Has Landed! Now Shipping!
posted 1 October 2018 by Admin
CHRONOMONAUT Concept Album Release October 2018!
posted 13 August 2018 by Admin
posted 28 July 2018 by Admin
Mostly Live In Italy is Shipping Now!
posted 17 May 2018 by Admin
posted 18 April 2018 by Admin
A Live Album In The Works
posted 3 April 2018 by Admin
UNTOLD TALES Shipping Now!
posted 11 September 2017 by Admin
Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Concerts Announced
posted 13 March 2017 by Admin
GH LIVE IN CHATTANOOGA Saturday Night May 6th.
posted 8 February 2017 by Admin
GH Hi-Res Audio on Bandcamp Now!
posted 1 December 2016 by Admin
Glass Hammer’s First European Concert – 2017
posted 1 December 2016 by Admin
posted 26 August 2016 by Admin
VALKYRIE Release September 27th, 2016!
posted 27 July 2016 by Admin
“The Breaking Of The World” Is Shipping Now!
posted 1 January 2015 by Admin
GH LIVE! NJ Proghouse 4/25/15 RoSfest 5/03/15
posted 7 November 2014 by Admin
The Lay Of Lirazel trade paperback!
posted 13 October 2014 by Admin
GH Begins Work On New Album For 2015
posted 15 July 2014 by Admin
Glass Hammer Live on The Moody Blues Cruise
posted 26 March 2014 by Admin
Ode To Echo hits #18 on Amazon
posted 11 March 2014 by Admin
Glass Hammer Live Quebec City – May 17, 2014
posted 11 March 2014 by Admin
“Dreaming City” Shipping Now!!!
posted 8 November 2019 by Admin

Glass Hammer Dreaming City 1200x1200




Head to the Glass Hammer Store now to order copies of Dreaming City. Orders are shipping now! Here’s what one fan just posted after hearing Dreaming City, “I am trying to crowbar my jaw from the floor. I absolutely am not one to rush in and call every new release from my favorite bands ‘the best thing they have ever done.’ But listen – I have been a devoted GH fan since Lex Rex…and this is the best thing they have ever done.”

And this from one recent review…

“Glass Hammer’s monster creation, Dreaming City, an unstoppable force that will blow your conceptions of this band wide apart…” Martin Hutchinson – Progradar

Glass Hammer returns to the world of THE INCONSOLABLE SECRET with 2020’s DREAMING CITY. Perhaps the group’s most powerful musical statement to date, DREAMING CITY tells the story of a “desperate man…as doomed as they come” who must fight his way through a spectrum of horrors to rescue his lover. We find out early in the album that the protagonist has only three days to find her before she dies; a dilemma which sets the stage for all that is to come and guarantees an emotional roller-coaster ride for the listener.

1. The Dreaming City (7:14)
2. Cold Star (7:29)
3. Terminus (4:17)
4. The Lurker Beneath (1:44)
5. Pagarna (3:33)
6. At the Threshold of Dreams (4:11)
7. This Lonely World (4:52)
8. October Ballad (4:11)
9. The Tower (2:40)
10. A Desperate Man (4:15)
11. The Key (6:10)
12. Watchman On the Walls (11:29)






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