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Lex Rex

Fred Schendel: Lead and backing vocals, stell guitars, all electric and acoustic guitars (except as otherwise noted), Hammond organ and all Hammond leads, piano, pipe orgran, keyboards, synthesizers, Mellotron, mandolin, recorder, drums and percussion
Steve Babb: Lead and backing vocals, four and eight string bass guitars, synthesizers (Yamaha CS-5 , Korg Micro Preset), keyboards, pipe organ, Hammond organ, Mellotron
Susie Bogdanowicz: Solo and backing vocals
Walter Moore: Solo and backing vocals
Sarah Lowell: Solo and backing vocals
Haley McGuire: Solo and backing vocals
Carrie Streets: Backing vocals
David Carter: Lead guitar on “Further Up and Further In”
Charlie Shelton: Lead guitar on “One King”
Bjorn Lynne: Lead guitar on “Tales of the Great Wars”

Good Evening
Tales of the Great Wars
One King
Further Up and Further In
Music for Four Hands (And Temporal Anomaly)
A Cup of Trembling
When We Were Young
Heroes and Dragons

Date of Original Release: September 1, 2002
Label: Arion Records/Sound Resources
Publisher: Sound Resources/BMI

Screaming Hammond and Moog solos by one of progressive rock’s premier keyboardists, soaring steel guitar leads, lush beds of Mellotrons, mandolins and acoustic guitars, soaring sopranos, vocals rich with complex harmonies and counterpoint, that signature crunching bass guitar, swirling analog synth leads awash in echo, the grandeur and pomp of the pipe organ — all that and more are present on Glass Hammer’s seventh release, LEX REX. “The last years we have noticed that every new Glass Hammer album shows a real progression in the band’s style and quality. Their previous album Chronometree got a lot of credits, but now they have delivered a CD that belongs at the absolute top. LEX REX is a concept album, one long piece of detailed and melodic Sympho Prog, powerful and with a lot of influences from the seventies. Screaming Hammond and Moog solos, soaring steel guitar leads, mellotron tapestries, a crunching bass guitar, rich vocals etc. in the vein of Yes, Genesis and ELP. A real masterpiece!” — Arthur Haggenburg – SymfoCity Reviews