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The Land Of Lost Content
Roll For Initiative
Twilight Of The Godz
The Past Is Past
1980 Something
A Hole In The Sky
Melancholy Holiday
It Always Burns Sideways
Blinding Light
Tangerine Meme
Fade Away


All music and lyrics by Steve Babb and Fred Schendel
Steve Babb: Bass guitar, keyboards, lead and backing vocals
Fred Schendel: Keyboards, guitars, backing vocals
Aaron Raulston: Drums
Susie Bogdanowicz: Lead vocals
Matthew Parmenter: Lead vocals
Patton Locke: Lead vocals
Brian Brewer: guitars, steel guitar and mandolin (track 3 and 5)
Phil Stiles: guitars (track 9, Pt. 1)
Chris Herin: guitars (track 2 and 10)
Reese Boyd: guitars (track 2, 9 Pt 2, 6 and 12)
Jamison Smeltz: Saxophone (track 4)
Tommy Ogle: Saxophone (track 2 and 10)
Brian Poteet: Trombone (track 2 and 10)
Stephen Bearden: Trumpet (track 2 and 10)
Randall Williams: Drums (track 3)

Recorded at Sound Resources, Chattanooga, Tennessee USA
Chris Herin’s guitar sessions recorded and produced by Mark Mikel at Dead Moth Studio and by Matthew Parmenter at Swindlehurst.

Administration: Julie Babb
Administrative Assistant: Jon Michael Babb

Graphic Design, art and layout: Michał “Xaay” Loranc